LYPH (pronounced life) is an Art house company placed in the English Countryside run by artist Frederick Edmondson since 2015.
Why did we spell it LYPH. Because to Live (L) with a Young (Y) persons energy allows you to be fresh and full of enthusiasm. The P H is to play hard. Meaning make your work your play!
The aim is to create a tribe of like minded individuals who appreciate intelligent design working to improve our environment.
LYPH finds reference points from modern subcultures and postmodernism with innovative streetwear designs that twist and re-shape classics into a new language.
It’s a new type of lifestyle for the artistic, brave, and downright crazy!
Did you know that factories normally have a production tolerance of around 5% when making product in the fashion industry. It’s a standard procedure that tends to leave small independent brands holding stock in odd sizes. It also adds to our carbon footprint on the planet...
So what do you do with that stock laying around?
How do you help reduce your carbon footprint as a company?
Well, we did this...
LYPH has up-cycled its own product to create a collection of clothing developed from deadstock.
Each garment in this limited edition collection has its own unique dye and print techniques.
The aim is to make sure our own stock is used up before we manufacture more product for the consumer market.
Let’s change the way we shop
We believe that, together, through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future for people and the planet.
10% of profit made will be donated to the World Wildlife foundation.
LYPH will plant 3 trees with every LYPH purchase made in store or online.
By wearing LYPH, you’re supporting this incredible cause.
All LYPH garments come from recycled fabrication ideas, deadstock sourcing, organics, and vintage trimmings. It is then sent to our UK manufacturers and reassembled into seasonal collections with interchanging modular details that allow us to play through functionality.
All recycled fabrics used by LYPH are GSR (Global Recycled Standard) certified. GSR has strict standards for supply chain traceability, social responsibility, eco-management, and chemical testing. LYPH insists on creating fashion while reducing harm to the ecology and contributing to global sustainable development.